Medications List


This guide contains all the Medications List design guidelines (mandatory and recommended) accompanied by example diagrams to illustrate their application. Although offered as a quick reference to already familiar guidance, you may also find this guide useful for exploring areas of the guidance that are new to you.

Remember that this guide is not a replacement for the definitive version which includes further usage examples (showing both correct and incorrect application) and details the rationale behind the guidance.

Purpose of this Guidance

A list is one way of displaying medications information for a single patient. That medications list would be only one of many potential views and tools for managing medications in a clinical application.

The guidance focuses on a subset of the user interface needed for managing medications. A full framework might include:

  • More than one medication view with differing presentation styles
  • Specialist views for specific contexts
  • Medications information integrated into views that are not just for managing medications
  • Alternative presentation styles for a list of medications

This version of the Medications List guide is based on the full guidance document
Design Guidance - Medications List (v1.0.0.0) - PDF