Medication Line


This guide contains all the Medication Line design guidelines (mandatory and recommended) accompanied by example diagrams to illustrate their application. Although offered as a quick reference to already familiar guidance, you may also find this guide useful for exploring areas of the guidance that are new to you.

Remember that this guide is not a replacement for the definitive version which includes further usage examples (showing both correct and incorrect application) and details the rationale behind the guidance.

Purpose of this Guidance

Medications may be represented electronically in varying degrees of detail as well as in different areas of a user interface. For example:

  • A prescription summary displayed as part of a patient summary
  • A subset of prescription detail displayed in a list of patient's current medications
  • A different subset of prescription detail displayed in an electronic drug administration schedule

A text description of a medication appearing in such views is referred to in this guidance as a 'medication line'. This guidance details the content, formatting and layout of medication lines depending on the purpose of the clinical application area in which they appear.

This version of the Medication Line guide is based on the full guidance document
Design Guidance - Medication Line (v2.0.0.0) - PDF